Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What are the courses offered at Bits Dubai ?

At present 7 degree programmes are being provided by Bits Dubai. These are not Btech or B.E - but these are B.E. (Hons). And all these programmes are Integrated First Degree programmes. That means students getting admission for any one of the following programmes can complete any other programme simultaneously. For that the student will have to spend just an extra year - and finally we would be getting two degrees - that also from a reputed institution like BITS - wow isn't it great !!! The duration of these programmes are 4 years i.e. eight semesters. Below are the degree programmes that are going to be offered for the academic year 2008-2009 :-

B.E.(Hons.)in Computer Science
B.E.(Hons.)in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Mechanical Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Chemical Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Biotechnology

Besides those amazing things, at BITS students are provided with two Practice Schools - PS 1 and PS 2. Students are sent to PS during the summer following their second year. Its of two months duration. PS 2 is for the final year students - and its duration is a whopping 5 and a half months !!! This provides the student a great exposure to working environments - and here BITS has proved that they are really one of the best engineering colleges out there.


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  3. i am an engineering student who has completed 3 years of engineering from the mumbai university and has shifted base to dubai .can i join bits to complete my engineering directly into the last year ?... will i get admission ? do you"ll take students directly into the last year ?

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  6. HI SIR,i think u must be having gr8 experience at bits dubai,my bro is in india and he wants 2 take admssn in bits dubai nd his father is working in gulf country with residence visa ,but my bro and his mother stays in india ...so will he come under gcc or non gcc while admssn in bpdc

  7. Hi..Sir!
    Please reply me asap, I'm not sure whether to take admission in BITS DUBAI or NOT..?(Suggest ME)
    I will get about 82%-87% in cbse boards this year.So,just tell mei which branch is the famous to get a good placement.
    I want to take Computer Science but i heard from a lot of peoples that the placement in CS was not good in Dubai..Is it True?
    What is the Average placement for CS..?