Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dual Degree Scheme at Bits Dubai

By Dual Degree scheme, a student can opt for two degree courses from Bits by spending just an extra year. Well, this is gonna be really helpful if for some reason we don't get the desired branch, but still want to get into Bits - at that time we have this option in front of us - yes, going for dual. For that we should get high GPA in our first year. So, i don't think that would be an easy task - we should do our best in the first year (after just one year right ? after that we can relax a bit rite ?) - then only we will be getting an option to go for dual.

And ya, i don't think there is any limit in the number of students admitted for dual - so there is no competition here actually - we just need to get a good CGPA during our first year's study at BITs and that's it - we are IN for Dual - if we can do that.

Well, the CGPA is counted based on our overall performance and not just considering our marks in various subjects. Our attendance, assignment marks, internal marks, such and such things will be considered for evaluating the CGPA.

Any doubts or queries ? If so don't forget to comment here ....


  1. exams are conducted from pilani campus including the correction & scores alloted

  2. Hey I have heard that if you score any GPA but they convert your GPA on scale of 10 and then give you. Like suppose the topper is 8.5, then the GPA will be recorded as 10/10? Is that true?

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  4. Is there any dual degree for physics &cs in Dubai?