Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Bits Dubai community online

Hi all,

I'm planning to start a new community/forum where bits Dubai aspirants can get together and be a part of the community. You will be able to share your views, get together, know each other, find out what it means to be there at the college, prons & cons and much more.

Please share your comments here.

~ How many of you would like to see the new community?
~ How many of you would like to be a part of it and start contributing?
~ How many of you would like to take control of things and be a moderator?

Let me know.

Looking forward to your comments.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Bits Dubai for me?

Well, getting into Bits Dubai is not at all that hard task !!!

Just follow the below steps :-

1- Prepare well for your 12th board exams. You should concentrate more on phy,che,and maths (or bio if you have taken bio).

2- Target 95 % - that way you'll be getting at least 85 and above or say even 80 % - which will definitely make you an BIT-sian.

3- Visit BitsDubai.com and find out the important dates to send the application forms and all - so as to make sure you are not missing it out.

Thats it !!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dual Degree Scheme at Bits Dubai

By Dual Degree scheme, a student can opt for two degree courses from Bits by spending just an extra year. Well, this is gonna be really helpful if for some reason we don't get the desired branch, but still want to get into Bits - at that time we have this option in front of us - yes, going for dual. For that we should get high GPA in our first year. So, i don't think that would be an easy task - we should do our best in the first year (after just one year right ? after that we can relax a bit rite ?) - then only we will be getting an option to go for dual.

And ya, i don't think there is any limit in the number of students admitted for dual - so there is no competition here actually - we just need to get a good CGPA during our first year's study at BITs and that's it - we are IN for Dual - if we can do that.

Well, the CGPA is counted based on our overall performance and not just considering our marks in various subjects. Our attendance, assignment marks, internal marks, such and such things will be considered for evaluating the CGPA.

Any doubts or queries ? If so don't forget to comment here ....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cut Off marks for getting admission at BITS Dubai

In order to get into Bits-Dubai, all you need to have is good percentage of marks in your 12 standard exams. The minimum marks needed is just 60 % overall aggregate. And if you are getting like 80 % or above then surely you are in. Every year, i think the seats are being increased at BITS-dubai for all branches - so obviously the cut off marks at Bits-dubai will also be decreasing - that way it is now much more easier than those early time when the cut-off was more than 85 %.

I think the most sought after branch is the Electronics branch. And the next one in demand is Computer Science branch. So, you should target for a little bit more if you are interested in computer science or electronics engineering disciplines. Well, another thing to note is that - at Bits-Dubai, two admission lists are prepared. One for GCC candidates and the other for Non-GCC candidates. First the requirements of GCC candidates are fulfilled and then the rest of the seats are filled out by Non Gcc candidates. No worries though - as far as i know - i think the seats are filled on 1:1 ratio - ie 50 % by GCC candidates and the rest of the 50 % by Non GCC candidates. Still, if you are a GCC candidate then you are getting a little bit more priority than the others.

Friday, January 9, 2009

How to get into Bits Dubai ?

Getting into Bits Dubai is not hard as getting an admission in one of the campuses of BITS in India which are at Pilani, hyderabad and Goa. We just need to get a total aggregate of 60 % marks in physics, chemistry, maths or physics, chemistry, biology.

So, note this :-

First Thing to DO :- Targeting for more than 60 % aggregate in phy,che,maths or phy,che,bio.

Proficiency in English language is a must if you want to get into BITS Dubai - yes, this is an eligibility criteria for getting admission in BITS Dubai. Well you can do one of the below things :-

Second thing to DO :-

---> Get a TOEFL Score of 500 in paper based test
---->Get a TOEFL Score of 61 in internet based test
----> an IELTS Score of at least 5.

It's better to go for spoken English coaching near by your locality after your board exams are over and you are free. After the exams there is a 2-3 months gap right ? Go for the coaching at this time. Select that institute which allows you to take the test as well.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind if you are preparing to get into BITS Dubai.

All the Best ma friends ....

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What are the courses offered at Bits Dubai ?

At present 7 degree programmes are being provided by Bits Dubai. These are not Btech or B.E - but these are B.E. (Hons). And all these programmes are Integrated First Degree programmes. That means students getting admission for any one of the following programmes can complete any other programme simultaneously. For that the student will have to spend just an extra year - and finally we would be getting two degrees - that also from a reputed institution like BITS - wow isn't it great !!! The duration of these programmes are 4 years i.e. eight semesters. Below are the degree programmes that are going to be offered for the academic year 2008-2009 :-

B.E.(Hons.)in Computer Science
B.E.(Hons.)in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Mechanical Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Chemical Engineering
B.E.(Hons.)in Biotechnology

Besides those amazing things, at BITS students are provided with two Practice Schools - PS 1 and PS 2. Students are sent to PS during the summer following their second year. Its of two months duration. PS 2 is for the final year students - and its duration is a whopping 5 and a half months !!! This provides the student a great exposure to working environments - and here BITS has proved that they are really one of the best engineering colleges out there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bits Dubai - The Dream College of every Student


Birla Institute of Technology and Science aka (also known as) - BITS is one of the best private Engineering College in India. In the same manner Bits Dubai is also a well reputed engineering college. Students struggle to get a seat at BITS - buts its not that tough task when it comes to getting admission in BITS Dubai. Admission at BITS Dubai is provided on the basis of the marks obtained in the 12 th grade exams or simply 12 standard. On the basis of 12 th marks - two lists are made - one for the GCC candidates and the other for Non GCC candidates. Well, GCC candidates are those whose parents are staying in GCC countries.

To know more about the eligibility for getting admission at BITS Dubai and other such things you can visit BITS Dubai Website. It has everything mentioned briefly like the fee structures, hostel facilities, life at BITS Dubai and many such things. And ya, if you are still in doubt whether you're parent is from a GCC or Non GCC country then just visit BITS Dubai website (link i have already given), you will get it from there.

Most of the students won't be in a situtation to opt the fees the high fees at BITS Dubai - well thats one of the main reason why there is a less attraction of students at BITS Dubai than the Bits Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad campuses. Roughly it amounts to about 20 Lacs Indian Rupees to complete 4 years of engineering degree from Bits Dubai. And thats not a small amount. While it will take only about 3-4 Lacs to complete your engineering degree from the Indian campuses located at Pilani, Goa, or Hyderabad.

But let me tell you onething that the BITS Dubai campus and the facilities available there are really Superb. The hostel facilites are also much better than the hostel of any other college. We are paying for it - and we are getting the best. People from different countries come at BITS Dubai just because of the quality of education they are gonna get and also because of the facilities the students are provided. And the money that we spend at BITS Dubai can be regained in about 1 years time or even earlier - thats about the placement at BITS Dubai - when talking about the placement of BITS colleges, people often forget about the practice school - its really the strength of BITS colleges that no other colleges have - we see the ranking of colleges in magazines and all - but while listing colleges based upon their placement, facilities and all the magazines and websites that provide the information don't consider the practice school placements - (still BITS get a decent rank - Right now it is ranked as the number 1 Private Engineering College in India).

Thats all for now - keep visiting my blog and help me in promoting this blog the better way. Provide me support so that i keep publishing good content that can be useful to students aspiring to get admission in BITS Dubai. Make me aware of the things that i miss out to publish - also notify me if I have posted anything wrong so that I can correct it.

I appreciate all those who are interested in providing their valuable comments.